Does your recruiting live up to your company?

Can you expect top talent to be attracted by a shiny new career listing site, a swanky information session, or an internship for a lucky few? OdysseyAlly believes it’s time to make your journey meaningful, and we like to partner with companies who agree.




Diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform.




38% of employees want to leave their jobs because they feel they do not fit in.




87% of candidates believe engagement is important.


Your All-In-One Candidate Engagement & Employee Fulfillment Solution


Once your company is accepted in to OdysseyAlly, we work with you to develop a Career Track structure, Candidate Criteria and Screening Process for every role where you are looking to build a pipeline of candidates. You can use our freely provided curriculum, or we can help create content unique to your organization.


You offer employees the opportunity to opt-in as potential Allies, and we help on-board each one with digital training to help them prepare to be mentors, leaders, best brand ambassadors they can be.


As your employees are matched for 2-month long Odysseys, you build a substantial diverse pipeline of the top candidates available with personal champions, and your employees build the leadership skills and engagement they want to grow.

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Built for candidates of all backgrounds to succeed.

Networked employees are more likely to succeed. Building a relationship with an insider gives the candidate the comfort, confidence, and resources needed to thrive.

Active Supporters. Employee involvement builds support for the candidate from the ground-up, giving your teams a true sense of ownership.

Structural, not Scotch-Tape. Level the playing field by giving candidates the opportunity to get their foot in the door, allowing them to earn their spot.