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What can you learn about what it’s really like at a company from an information session? How many internships can you realistically experience? How about a career immersion that bridges the gap between the two? 6-weeks, 30-minutes a week, and voila!


1 | Match with an ally

After applying to a company’s Odyssey career track, and completing screening, if you are selected you will be matched with an Ally. They will be your industry insider, journey guide, coach, and mentor.

2 | Journey into a career Odyssey

Over a 6-week exploratory relationship you will complete guided activities with your Ally weekly, and video-chat bi-weekly. The curriculum will cover the industry, role, company culture, and career relationship building.

3 | Land your Dream Role

By the end you’ll have gained a unique personal champion, learned what skills you’ll need to succeed, and earned a valuable edge for joining the company.

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Embark Today

“It was a great way to get to know an established mentor in the industry I was interested in, in an extremely personal way that is not typically possible in a networking scenario… I loved the prompts and how genuinely excited the mentors were to help out.” -Odyssey’r