🔭 Do you believe in a future with equal career opportunities?

🛸 Empower the best & brightest candidates with OdysseyAlly.


🦕 Legacy networks mean inspiring candidates land uninspiring roles, while roles lack true diversity.

👋 Introducing the Odyssey.

Empowerment through exploratory relationships.


1. Match

Underrepresented candidates from top schools apply, and based on unique criteria, are matched with inspiring employees from top companies.


2. Odyssey

Over a 6 week exploratory relationship, the employee acts as an inside guide of the company, delving into the role, culture, and skill-sets needed to excel, with only 30 minutes a week of digital engagement.


3. Recruit Smarter

The candidate gains a genuine view of the role, and access to a personal champion. The employee gains a fulfilling opportunity to lift up eager candidates, while building valuable leadership skills.

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July 2019

“The Odyssey program is quite spectacular…. I appreciated the opportunity to get insider facts on an asset manager.”

-Odyssey’r / Asset Management Track

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An Empowerment Network

85% of candidates land their job through networking - but what if you’re pursuing a career different than what you grew up around?


Candidates : gain insider career exposure

🕵🏽‍♀️ Discover a fulfilling career.

🤝 Build a network that cares.

🔑 Learn the skills to standout.

*Oh, did we mention it is absolutely free for candidates?


Employees : Build the Team you Love.

💪🏽 Take ownership in your company’s future & empower candidates you care about.

🧗🏽‍♀️ Develop important hands-on leadership skills.

🎯 Mark yourself as an Ally, and join an exclusive network.

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Ready to Make Your Journey Meaningful?

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